Assignment #1- Business Proposal for Feasibility Report

Dossier on this paper: Assignment #1 is the first step to your final project.  You are to find a problem in a business or organization about which you have some knowledge (be this through working there, having a parent or friend work there, having an internship there, etc.) and propose that you be allowed to conduct research on this problem to find some solutions which would fit the budget, time, and manpower (or any other) constraints under which the company must operate.

Though it sounds simple, assignment #1 should not be blown off.  It directly leads into assignment #4 and #6 (which, might I add, is the major component of your grade).  Therefore, make sure it is something out of which you will get some depth.  Don't make the problem so huge that you cannot solve it (a note to the president, "how to end war in the world today" or, for goodness sake, no PSU parking stuff.) or so small that you exhaust your research rather quickly (in other words, make sure it is not a yes/no question, make sure there are more than two or three solutions).

Assignment Sheet

Rough Draft Questions

Some Titles From Past Feasibility Reports

More Practice With Problem Statements

Crafting the Proposal: Beyond the Problem Statement

Student Examples:

    Example #1: Johanne's Proposal

    Example #2: Matt's Proposal

An Example of Letter Format


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