Locust Lane

State College, PA 16801

March 2, 1993


Lorena Waslinko

103 Burrowes Building

University Park, PA 16802


Dear Ms. Waselinko,


I am writing to you seeking permission for a formal report on the subject of the inadequacies of Penn State's current system of scheduling and offering of Physical Education classes. I will forward my research to the appropriate department heads. This letter will explain the problem as it exists on campus today  and how I plan to go about my research.




Currently, the University requires all undergraduate degree candidates to complete three credit hours of Physical Education. First, I will discuss how the Univeristy intended the scheduling system to work and then, I will tell you how it really exists.

 Students choose their gym classes when constructing their schedules during the early registration period. As most students are already fully aware of the problem getting these classes, most people schedule alternatives. The Univeristy then assigns these classes to these students according to a system based on their semester standing.

 Most of the student body, however, find themselves with the ever so familiar phrase '"course not scheduled, all sections  filled." I know these words better than my own name. These classes are understaffed, overcrowded and in very high demand.  Most often, not even the alternate courses are open. After the early registration period, these unfortunate students are given the "privilege" of standing in a very long lines at White Building for a last chance opportunity at all of the leftover classes no one requested. More often than not, these reject  gym classes will not fit into a student's schedule without deletion of more vital classes. Students stand in a long line at a very rude hour of the morning usually for quite some time, only to find  out that all gym classes are filled.




 I plan to conduct a survey of PSU students to confirm the I have just described will interview students from different majors, semester standings, and backgrounds to determine what if any difficulties they incurred in trying to acquire these three elusive gym credits.  I also intend to find out what requirements the state sets for graduation. I know that in elementary school through high school, students are required by law to take gym classes to insure that they are getting proper exercise. At the collegiate level, I feel students are mature and intelligent enough to take care of their own bodies. I plan to determine whether this gym requirement is set by the state or just another method for the University to keep me here longer than I should be.

There has been much discussion lately about eliminating the Physical Education requirements. I wholeheartedly agree. Once I compare my research from my survey and legal ramifications I will attempt to draw a conclusion as to the best possible solution.





March 15 - 28: 


-         conduct student surveys

-         contact ESACT Department

-         contact friends at other universities to see if similar problems exist.


March 29 - April 4:


-     research state guidelines for Physcial Education requirements.


April 5 - 27:


-         organize data and construct outline

-         write rough draft


April 27 - 29:


-         revise rough draft

-         type final draft




 As a sixth year as an undergraduate student, the amount of gym classes I have been denied numbers in the dozens. I am one semester from graduation and have never had a gym class at Penn State, which is not by my choice. I am one of many students on campus that can truly recognize and identify with this ridiculous situation. Furthermore, I must now sacrifice my valuable working hours, which I so desperately need to pay for college, in order to take gym classes during the summer so I don't get held back futher .

I hope that I have demonstrated that a significant problem exists with the current system of Physical Education requirements, and the obvious necessity of restructuring. I also hope to have demonstrated may qualifications and knowledge of the subject, and I am seeking your approval for research of this project.






College Student at PSU