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Riders and Addendums

A Rider or Addendum is additional terms added to the end of the contract.

[the step before this is the sponsor sending the contract to the artist. Would the rider be attached after the artist gets the contract and decides it's not complete?]

[Additional terms added by the sponsor or the artist signing? Are these added to the contract after it is sent out and returned to the sponsor?] There is no difference between "Rider" and "Addendum." They both accomplish the same thing. Sometimes they need to be individually signed [do you mean someone will send both a "rider" and an "addendum" and the sponsor needs to sign both?], but not all the time. A rider can be provided by either the artist or the sponsor and always needs to then be signed by the other party. [?]

For the rest of this presentation the term "Rider" will be used rather than "Addendum."

If an artist [what about a performer or speaker] provides you [you as the sponsor, you as the contract signatory?] with a rider to attach to the University Agreement, read over the rider and make sure you meet everything that is listed. Anything you do not agree with cross off, change or add wording that meets your terms. Then initial and date the changes made to the rider.

You should verbally alert the artist [you should pick a term you will use throughout to refer to the artist/speaker/contract recipient/etc.] of any changes you make to a rider provided by the artist. You are in the negotiation stages of the contract and it is important for the artist to agree with the changes you are making. In fact the artist will be required to also initial and date the changes accepting the changes to the rider. [if you are verbally alerting them, how are they initialing and dating the changes?]

Rider Supercedes Contract: Make sure nothing in the rider contradicts what is listed in the contract because the rider will supercede the contract since it is the last part of the agreement. In particular make sure Risk Management reviews the rider if the University is required to supply labor to assist artist (usually for set-up and dismantling).

Legal Language: Any artist supplied rider that contains legal language such as: indemnity, hold harmless, release, defend, liability, insurance, governing law, legal venue, irrevocably, attest, agree to etc. must be reviewed by Risk Management.