Eric Andrew Nord

Andrea Nafziger Nord

Hello!  We are a husband-and-wife team whose goal is to teach biology or ecology in a small liberal arts college.  Eric is a post-doc studying root ecology and plant nutrition with Dr. Jonathan Lynch at the Pennsylvania State University. Andrea recently completed her Ph.D. on invasive plants under Dr. David Mortensen of Penn State’s Weed Ecology lab. As a post-doc she is now developing an invasive plants management plan for Presque Isle State Park and investigating the plant community effects of using biochar as a carbon-sequestering soil amendment.

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A little bit about us

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Our solution to the challenges of having a two-career marriage is to share one full-time position.  We gave this a “test run” in an interim teaching position at Goshen College and really appreciated the flexibility it gave us to balance work and family.  Click here to find articles about shared faculty positions and see the policies that various institutions have implemented for shared positions.