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    SLR film cameras are some of the oldest types of cameras available on the market today. With the modern photographer shifting more and more toward digital, why should anyone go back to old, archaic film?

There are many reasons to try out SLR film cameras. With SLR you have complete control over the exposure and ultimately over the final product unlike point-and-shoot models. With film you can achieve effects impossible to find through digital photography.

Since you can control every stage of the picture-making process from focusing a lens to printing in a darkroom, the feeling of accomplishment is much higher than simply printing pictures with a memory card and a click of the mouse.

If you are bored with digital, or you want to try something a little more hands-on than point-and-shoot, film SLR is great to experiment with. There are countless ways to take a picture with an SLR film camera, and each way will produce a different end product. Unlike digital cameras you cannot see the picture you just took and try again, making film photography a much more challenging and skill-based activity. Also unlike automatic cameras, you have to manually adjust many of the camera's settings to adapt to different situations, making good judgment and knowledge vital.


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