Journal & Vocabulary 2


By Deborah Tannen



1.      Composure- adjective. Definition- calmness.

Sentence- She lost her composure and it caused her to run off the stage.

2.      Avalanche- noun. Definition- anything in suddenness and overwhelming quantity. Sentence- We received an avalanche of inquiries.

3.      Mascara- noun. Definition- a substance used as a cosmetic to color the eyelashes and eyebrows. Sentence- On her first date, she uses mascara to darken her eyelashes.

4.      Slack- noun. Definition- loose pants. Sentence- She's too boyish to wear a skirt, so she always wears baggy slacks to the office.

5.      Jersey- noun. Definition- a close-fitting, knitted sweater or shirt.

Sentence- He knits a jersey as a birthday gift for his girlfriend.

6.      Pump- noun. Definition- a lightweight, low-cut shoe without fastenings for women. Sentence- She went to the party in her silk dress and pumps with high heels.

7.      Cellulite- noun. Definition- lumpy fat deposits. Sentence- Exercise is the best way to reduce some signs of cellulite from your body.

8.      Duck- verb. Definition- To avoid or evade.

Sentence- She uses her smile to duck an embarrassing question.



        The article "Marked Women" by Deborah Tannen provides Tannen's viewpoint on women being marked and men being unmarked by the distinct ways they present themselves in our culture. First of all, Tannen states that women are constantly marked no matter what their choice are by using the story of the business meeting she attended with other co-workers. She indicates that each of the women in the meeting had their unique look at clothing, hairstyle, and makeup. On the other hand, men in the meeting all had similar clothing and appearance because they had an option to be unmarked. Moreover, Tannen supports her claims by using the example of filling out a form. While males use "Mr." without being asked, females use "Miss", "Mrs.", and "Ms." which tells people weather they're single, married or refusing to tell. In addition, Tannen uses the biological explanations of Ralph Fasold to show the opposite view of women being marked. According to Fasold, there are many various biological evidences indicates that women are the unmarked sex. Finally, Tannen concludes that women don't have the freedom to be unmarked that men have. In the words of Tannen, "There is no unmarked woman."

        In the article "Marked Women", Tannen supports her main points well by using many kinds of evidences. From watching how the three other women dressed in one conference to the observation of filling out a form proves women being marked. Furthermore, Tannen cites Alfre Woodard's words as the other supportive evidence. However, Tannen presents one outside research as an opposing view in the article. She uses Fasold's biological explanation to overturn the view of female being marked. According to Fasold, he believes that female should be unmarked because two X chromosomes make a female while two Y chromosomes make nothing. Tannen refutes this opposing view by pointing out that Fasold found that the grammar books didn't follow his idea. The grammar books use "he" as "he or she" and "she" only as female.

In my opinion, I disagree with the idea that men being unmarked. I believe that both men and women are constantly marked as it comes to clothing. In present days, many male teenagers try to make themselves look fabulous by setting up their hair in various styles, dressing nice, or even doing some basic makeup. It's just easier to evaluate females than males because men don't have that much standards as women do. In addition, being unmarked is not always an option, sometimes men are being forced to be unmarked in some special environment. For example, how will people think of a teacher or soldier with hippie jeans and crazy stylish hair? There will be only few careers can allow men to dress the way they want to, such as pop stars or models. Overall, the author manages to convince me a lot by using abundance evidences to let me understand the concept easily.

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