Wellsville Addison & Galeton Photos

Black and White photos from the collection of John Stewart.New!

Steam Locomotives

Center Cabbs

Snow Fighting

Freight Cars



Baby Centercabs

The first centercab came to Galeton in 1955. It was not one of the familier 125 or 132 ton models, but a smaller 50 ton unit. Built in 1936 by GE for their Pittsfiled, MA plant. In 1954 it went to the Unidilla Valley where it became # 300. In 1955 it came to the WAG, but proved unsuitable for operation over the hilly terrain. In 1956 it was returned to the UV and was transferred to the SNY in 1957. It was shipped back to the WAG in 1969, where it was later scrapped.

Ford Motor Company

Among the earliest diesels purchased by the Wellsville, Addison & Galeton was this 125 ton center cab GE. Originally Ford number 1000, it was renumbered to 1200 at the time of its puchase in 1955. The 900 HP switcher was built in September, 1937. Builders # 12229

EMD F7 Locomotives

The Wellsville, Addison & Galeton had a number of F7 locomotives, which was quite unusual for a short line. Most of these units were ex Southern Pacific. Note the similarity between the WAG paint scheme, and the SP scheme.

John Redden Photos

The following photos were provided for your enjoyment by John Redden.

Here are a few snapshots of some of the last years of the WAG.

Larry De Bert Photos

The following photos were provided for your enjoyment by Larry De Bert.

Randy Gustafson Photos

The following photos were provided for your enjoyment by Randy Gustafson.

Darrel Rathbun Photos

The following photos were provided for your enjoyment by Darrel Rathbun.

WAG F7 number 2400 was sent to sister railroad Louisiana & Northwest and renumbered 48. It was subsequently sold to the Wacamaw Coastline Railroad where it retained number 48. Later it was moved to the Carolina Southern, again retaining number 48.

Tom Trencansky Photos

The following photos were provided for your enjoyment by Tom Trencansky.

Charles Woolever Photos

The following photos were provided by Charles Woolever. They were taken at Galeton in July of 1986, after the WAG had closed.

Louisiana & North West

After their stint at the Wellsville, Addison & Galeton, some of the cab units were transferred to sister operation, Louisiana & North West. See the Wellsville, Addison & Galeton Diesel Roster for more information.

Stanley Jackowski Photos

Gary Morris Photos

Portola Railroad Museum

In 1968 the Western Pacific traded in FP7 number 805A in for a new U23B. The Wellsville, Addison and Galeton obtained the locomotive from GE in 1972. In 1976 it was transferred to the Louisiana and North West and numbered 49.

The locomotive was purchased by Feather River Rail Society and society members John Ryczkowski, Larry Hanlon, and Steve Habeck. It has been returned to its original Western Pacific colors. It is the last WP California Zephyr locomotive in existance.

Samuel Herschbein Photos


F7A numbers 2200 and 2300 were sold to the Port Authority of Allegheny County (PATrain) in 1980.

Arnie Morscher Photos New!

The following photos were supplied courtesy of Arnie Morscher. All were taken in Pittsburgh , PA during 1988.

Shore Line East

In 1989 PATrain 6690 & 6691 (WAG 2200 and 2300) were sold again, to the Connecticut Department of Transportation for the Shore Line East operation.

Texas Limited

F7A number 1969 ( ex SP 6309) was sent to the Louisiana & North West in 1971 and renumbered to 47. It was subsequently moved to Houston, Texas and operated as part of the Texas Limited train with sister L&NW F7, number 44. ( ex SP 6379) WAG 1969 is now Texas Limited 200.

The train is now stored in Galveston, Texas.

New York & Lake Erie

GE 132 # 1700 at Gowanda NY, 1996.
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