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  Department of Comparative Literature Student Special Funding Guidelines and Award Request Forms


Funds are available to graduate students deemed to be making progress towards their degrees -- for four special types of expenses related to curriculum and professional development. Go to the proper application by clicking on the appropriate link in the list below.

The Special Funding Committee meets three times a year, twice in Fall semester and once in late Spring, to distribute moneys. Deadlines for application each year are: the Friday after Labor Day; the first Tuesday of December; and the last Friday of March. The committee will consider all four types of request, and will distribute funding according to the significance of the request for the student's professional development. The number of requests, total amount requested, and funds available, among other factors, determine the amount of funding, and whether all requests can be honored.

Retroactive funding will be considered by the committee. For example, if your conference met in August 2015 and you did not request funding in March 2015, you may apply for funding for this conference in September 2015.

1.      Travel to Conferences (for the purpose of delivering a paper)

2.      Travel to Collections

3.      Study Abroad to gain language competence

4.      External Member of Doctoral Committee





Travel to Conferences Funding Request Form

  1. In general, the department attempts to support travel of graduate students at all stages of their programs (provided they are making normal progress) to present papers at professional conferences, within the confines of its financial picture (including its own travel funds and a "block grant" from RGSO).
  2. No funding is available for graduate student conferences, nor for simply chairing a session, nor for attending if not presenting. Travel awards for purposes other than giving papers, such as for MLA interviews, as compensation for services rendered the department, etc., are funded differently; see the Graduate Student Travel Committee Chair (Prof. Charlotte Eubanks) for information.
  3. Funding will not be given to students not making normal progress or otherwise not in good standing, nor to students who have been funded TWO times but who have not submitted a scholarly paper for publication in a journal appropriate to their field since their first funded conference participation. Students already funded  two times who desire support for further conferences should provide the Chair of the Committee proof of submission, consisting of a) a copy of the cover letter to the journal editor(s) sent with the paper; and b) a message from the faculty member who has read a draft and approved submission (normally, the adviser).


Travel Request Form

Please provide the information requested in the following fields. The information will be used by the by the Travel  Committee  to distribute funds.

When finished, click the "submit" button (or "start over" to clear what you have entered).

Your Name:

Name of Conference for which funding is requested: 

Date of Conference for which funding is requested: 

Location of Conference for which funding is requested: 

Description of Conference -- what is the significance of this conference, and why is it important for you to give a paper there?
(Not needed for MLA, ACLA, NEMLA, or ICLA)

Please check the appropriate box concerning adviser approval:


My faculty adviser has read my abstract and approves my submission and attendance

My faculty adviser has read my abstract and does not approve my submission and attendance

My faculty adviser has not read my abstract and does not know of my submission and attendance



Please paste or type a copy of your abstract into the text area below.

If confirmation of the acceptance of your paper was by e-mail, please forward the e-mail to Dr. Eubanks  ( If by letter, please place a copy of the letter in Dr. Eubank's box. (For ACLA 2016, confirmation should be submitted whenever received, which may be after the deadline for travel requests.)

In the text area below, please give approximate itemized expenses of your trip. Indicate here any funding received from other sources.

How many previous conference presentations of yours have received funding by the department of comparative literature?
None One Two Three or more

Have you submitted a scholarly article to a journal in your field since your first travel award?
Yes No No travel awards yet

If the answer to the above was "yes," please submit a copy of your cover letter to Dr. Eubanks' mailbox. Papers submitted to journals should first have been reviewed by and discussed with a faculty member. A message from the faculty member who has read a draft and approved submission should be sent to Dr. Eubanks by email or put into her  mailbox

Thank you for providing this information.