Dr. Tania M. Slawecki

Research Associate, Materials Research Institute
Formerly, Assistant Professor of Science, Technology and Society
Former Director, Center for Sustainability


I became involved in the development and evolution of the Center for Sustainability in 1998 and began teaching "Projects in Sustainable Living" in 1999. I served as Projects Director at the Center for Sustainability's first 7-acre site in 1999 and served as Director of the Center 2001-2004. I taught several courses in the 1999-2006 time period as faculty in the Science, Technology and Society Program in the College of Engineering, including developing and teaching a course in Integrative Medicine in 2001.

After resigning from the Center for Sustainability, I developed the more technically-oriented "Green Design and Technologies" class which was mainly for 400-level engineering students. I decided to stop teaching after spring semester 2006 to more actively engage in research and development of green technologies myself! By that time I was aware of many cutting edge ideas, thanks to Prof. Roy and the colleagues I met through him.

In 2004 I obtained seed grant funding along with Emertius Prof. Rustum Roy to start the Bios-Materials Research Initiative (see intro link below), but this initial effort gave way to Prof. Roy's interest in investingating unusual properties of water, in particular. I intend to post more information to share on my six years working with Prof. Roy at the Materials Research Laboratory, but have not yet had the luxury of time to do so. Visit again to look for updates as they are added.

  • Water Research

  • Research on Therapeutic Waters

  • Mahendra Trivedi Investigation Summary

    The links below pertain to my initial work with the BMR Initiative, the courses I've taught and information I shared while involved with the Center for Sustainability. While no longer current, it provides information about my previous activities and may be of interest or use to some.

  • Bios-Materials Research (BMR) Initiative

  • Courses and Conference Presentation Information

  • Topics in Sustainability
  • Annotated Bibliography and References
  • Quotes worth quoting!

    Addresses :
    Dr. Tania Slawecki
    MRI-BMR Office: 105 Materials Research Laboratory
    MRI-BMR Phone: (814) 865-0265
    The Center for Sustainability’s Home Page can be found at www.cfs.psu.edu

    e-mail to: Tania M. Slawecki - tms9@psu.edu
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