Sandhill cranes—and a Penn State encounter

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So I finally made it to Fairbanks at 10 a.m. Wednesday local time, which is 2 p.m. back home. I had been traveling for just about 24 hours straight. I was thrilled beyond words that my checked bags actually arrived on the same flight as I did—they had been checked through to Fairbanks from State College, so when I spent the night in Seattle, I have no idea where my bags spent the night, and I really had little confidence that they would make it onto Alaska Airlines flight 81 from Seattle to Fairbanks this morning. But there they were.

Andrea, who will be our Natural Habitat Adventures guide for the next 12 days, met me at the airport and took me to the All Seasons B&B Inn. On the way there I asked if the sandhill cranes have arrived at Creamer's Field yet—in reading about things to do in Fairbanks, I saw that there's a migratory waterfowl refuge called Creamer's Field and that it's invaded by sandhill cranes in August. Andrea said yep, the cranes sure are there, and would I like her to give me a ride over there? So I dumped my stuff in my room, grabbed some camera equipment, and jumped back in the van. I ended up spending three or four hours over there, trying to get good photos of the cranes—a new bird for me.


Andrea also had mentioned that there was some bird banding going on in the woods adjacent to Creamer's Field, and I thought it would be cool to get some close-ups of migrating warblers getting little bands put on their legs. Little did I know that that would cause me to bump into a fellow Penn Stater! More on that in the next entry.


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