Lab documents and links for members of the Langkilde Lab

Laboratory Safety Training —Initial

·  Environmental Health and Safety Training

·  Click on the EHS On-line Course Registration link

·  Login via WebAccess

·  Click on the Courses tab

·  Click on Laboratory Safety (from the list on the left)

·  Click on Laboratory Safety —(Initial)

·  Click on Enroll to register for a class you are able to attend

·  You will receive a signed form upon completion of the course - bring it to the lab


Laboratory Safety Training —Refresher

·  Follow the above instructions, but click on Laboratory Safety —(Refresher)

·  Watch the Laboratory Safety Refresher Training by clicking on the link

·  After watching, take the short quiz

·  Print out and sign the completion certificate and bring it to the lab


Animal Training Modules

· Main Page


· Occupational Health


Scholarship and Research Integrity

· CITI online research ethics training


Research Technique Protocols from the Schall Lab

Useful Links

Useful Documents

This page will be updated periodically to better suit the needs of all who use the lab, so check back often.

Lab members may also use the Lab Google Calendar (login name: lab.langkilde)

Lab Protocols

Setting Up Wireless Internet using the Wireless 2.0 Network

Backing Up Files on the lab computers

Using the Scanner

Running a Corticosterone Enzyme Immunoassay

Research Technique Protocols from the Schall Lab









Lab Resources

Join the Lab


Applying to Graduate School

·  Graduate School 101

·  Timeline for applying to graduate school

·  How to find a graduate advisor (reproduced from UC-Davis website)

·  The grad school interview (modified from Univ. Wisc.-Madison Dept of Zoology)

·  The “Courtship Dance” (reproduced from Peter Frederick Home Page)

·  Tips for prospective ecology graduate students (from


Preparing Personal Statements and Cover Letters

·  Examples of Personal Statements (from Purdue University)

·  Gail McCormick’s PSU Personal Statement

·  How to write personal statements (from Purdue University)

·  How to write cover letters (J. Schall, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, PSU )


Curriculum Vitae (CV)

·  Compilation of “Action Words” to use when writing your CV

·  For examples, see Langkilde Lab member CVs displayed on personal pages.


Useful Information for Undergraduates