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8-22-05: diy librarian has moved to

diy librarian can now be found at Please update your bookmarks and links, and check out the re-launched DIY Librarian.

I'll keep this site here for archival purposes, but I won't post any more new content here. The new site also has a new RSS feed.

8-18-05: can I list Pittsburghese on my resume?

The Yinzer
You are 100% fluent in Pittsburghese!

You've lived here for most of your life, or you've spent a lot of time absorbing local culture. Either way, you're capable of thoroughly confusing tourists and Pitt freshman alike.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 70% on yinzerness

Link: The Pittsburghese Test written by jlouise on Ok Cupid

I only lived in da Burgh for 3 years, but when you're a public librarian, as I used to be, it helps to learn the language of your patrons. [via LibraryTavern]

8-17-05: a change is gonna come

Posting has been sparse here lately, and will continue to be so for a while. First, I've just returned from an almost completely internet-free vacation. Second, I've purchased a domain name and web space, and installed WordPress, in preparation for moving diy librarian to a new home at In addition to getting its own domain and software, diy librarian will also be getting a makeover. I'm not sure what to do with the archives. They may be left here (the simplest short-term solution, but they would be lost if I ever left Penn State) or they may be migrated to the new domain (which would involve breaking any links to my posts, and which would require me to do extensive editing of all the internal links).

Walt Crawford's analysis of the “biblioblogosphere” (Cites & Insights 5:10) came at a good time for me, as I’m in the midst of rethinking diy librarian’s purpose—not for the metrics, but for Crawford’s comments on the blogs. I had been thinking about refocusing somewhat after my move (I’ve already been attempting to write more about libraries and less about my personal life) and the lists of mottos, mission statements, post frequency, and the like have given me a framework to organize my thoughts. diy librarian lost its motto in the last redesign. I suppose the about page is an approximate mission, and I would characterize my posts as a mix of personal and professional, with a moderate voice. We’ll see how that changes.

Incidentally, I stumbled across The Do-It-Yourself Librarian. Apparently we have been coexisting for some time now (I started in June 2003 and she (?) started in October 2004) so hopefully we can continue to coexist. I like the "Why" in the sidebar:

Why "do-it-yourself"? Because systems is too busy.

8-1-05: Ivan Tribble update

Sobriquet Magazine has issued a call for papers on academic blogging and workplace politics. I'm not familiar with the magazine, and unfortunately their web site is "undergoing major renovation", but I'll try to keep an eye out for the essays when they are published. [via LISNews]

8-1-05: a blog memorial

SLA has started a blog to collect memories of Frank Spaulding, Remembering Frank Spaulding. Among other accomplishments in the profession, Spaulding was SLA President in 1986-1987. SLA staff will compile the comments posted to the blog into a remembrance for Spaulding's family.