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5-20-04: The Literate Penguin

This looks like an interesting new blog (with a very cute penguin graphic, too!): The Literate Penguin: Libraries, Open Source, and Me. [via LIS Blogsource]

5-19-04: I'm back!

I've been on a little vacation. I haven't had much access to the internet, and I deliberately didn't pay attention to much news, although it was difficult to avoid discussion of the rising gas prices. Consequently, I don't have much to write about. I did play the punctuation game on the web site for the book Eats, Shoots & Leaves. I didn't get a perfect score, but as usual, I disagree with the game on a few points about commas.

During my vacation, my feet climbed Baxter Mountain in the Adirondacks:

diy librarian feet

5-10-04: I'm a librarian, bitch!

The other day, I expressed a desire for an "I'm a librarian, bitch!" t-shirt in a color other than white. The fabulous Lipstick Librarian sent me an email to let me know you can now also get a pink t-shirt. So, in a week or two, when my shirt arrives, I will be the ultimate in pissed-off librarian style!

5-6-04: Top 10 Bad Movies

But first, a couple interesting items:

Found. The Baltimore Sun has a nice article about Found magazine. The Found web site is always fun. And, according to the article, librarians, along with janitors, postal carriers, and cops, are "Champion Finders". [via]

Top rock riffs. BBC News reports on the top rock riff poll conducted by Total Guitar magazine. Hello? Where is Satisfaction? Kashmir? But what do I know--I'm still working on playing Turkey in the Straw.

Top 10 Bad Movies. Finally, the moment you've all been waiting for! These are W. and my favorite movies to rag on. These aren't necessarily "so bad they're good", but with a little audience participation, they can be! Movies which have been featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000 were disqualified, as were movies which were truly terrible but no fun to watch, no matter how hard we tried (like Gigli).

  1. Severed (2002) Starring former Nitro Girl Vanessa Sanchez. Not only does this movie have some great plastic heads, but the leading man has a magic 12-pack of Bud that mysteriously appears in the middle of what must have been an especially boring scene for the actor. Hey, toss a cold one to the audience! They could probably use one too!
  2. She Freak (1967) Jade Cochran up and quits her promising career serving coffee in a greasy diner and goes to work for a travelling carnival. It's a remake of Freaks! In color! And with seeming endless scenes of tearing down and setting up the carnival.
  3. KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park (1978) Wherein KISS must use their special powers to defeat the fake KISS created by the evil scientist...just when you thought there was nothing lamer than KISS, there's a KISS movie and Paul Stanley shoots lasers from his eyes.
  4. Zombie Lake (1981) Also known as Le lac des morts vivants. This movie has it all: Nazi zombies, whose makeup starts wearing off as soon as they emerge from the swimming pool--er, lake. Gynecolgical footage of European women swimming. A tender moment between one of the Nazi zombies and a little girl.
  5. Road House (1989) A perennial bad-movie favorite, with Patrick Swayze as a superstar bouncer (yes, I'm puzzled, too) and Terry Funk in a minor role. Featuring the classic line: "Pain don't hurt."
  6. Backyard Dogs (2000) Currently #8 on the IMDb bottom 100 movies. This is a movie about backyard wrestling and of about the same quality. During a match, one of the wrestlers manages to change outfits between moves.
  7. Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter (1966) You can tell by the number of different fonts used in the title that this is going to be a fun movie! Unfortunately, Jesse James' love interest can't pronounce his name and calls him "Yessy", and then Maria Frankenstein kills and reanimates his friend Hank, who subsequently can't pronounce the love interest's name and calls her "Juan-nee-ta".
  8. Shark Attack 3: Megalodon (2002) Shark movies are almost always a good bet for bad movie fun. But this one makes the list for the worst pick-up line of all time: "How 'bout I take you home and eat your pussy?" (Note: it works!)
  9. Steel Dawn (1987) Another Swayze classic. This one begs the question, Where does everyone get their crimping irons from in the post-apocalyptic world?
  10. Blood Freak (1972) Our hero, Herschell, gets hooked on drugs, eats some doped-up turkey, and--you guessed it!--turns into a giant turkey who must drink the blood of drug addicts for his fix! Simply brilliant.

5-5-04: even more diy cataloging!

Today's Zits jumps into the fray. Jeremy's mom opts for DDC rather than LCC. (I couldn't find a way to link directly to today's strip. It should be up on the King Features site in 2 weeks.)

5-4-04: more on personal collections

My theory is that, given our evolutionary past, humans have in their nature a tendency to collect lots of things which are similar but distinct; and that tendency includes an urge to order those collections according to some ordering scheme.

Kendall Clark teaches geeks and semi-geeks how to catalog a personal library in Hacking the Library. Because, as he points out, most of us don't live an all-digital lifestyle, and our analog collections need organization just as much as our digital ones. I love the tagline:

Kendall Clark tries to figure out if he can make the librarians and the geeks happy at the same time.

diy librarian is happy, for what it's worth. [via]

5-3-04: stuff

After visiting my aunt and uncle once, W. remarked that he liked them because they were "into stuff"--meaning, I think, that they were both interested in a wide range of things and into collecting artifacts of those things: books, records, posters, etc. Sometimes this impulse to collect seems like such a lame bourgeousie addiction, but I think it's inherently human--and good for the historical record, if we want to preserve it.

I haven't thought too much about Walter Benjamin since I graduated from college, but this morning pointed me to Walter Benjamin on book collecting. He is much more eloquent about "stuff" than I am.

And, of course, I left a few movies off my Top 10 Favorite Movies list last week:

The Harder They Come (1973) This movie should make it on my list for the soundtrack alone: Jimmy Cliff, Toots & The Maytals, Desmond Dekker, and more. Jimmy Cliff also stars in the movie.

Battle Royale (2000, Kinji Fukasaku) Put a class of high school students on an island, give them weapons, and make them kill each other. A disturbing, but beautifully shot, movie.