Math 450 - Mathematical Modeling

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2:30 - 4:30 Wednesday afternoon – Dr. Reluga and guests will help you out with all your math and python questions.

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Midterm exam information


When writting up homework problems, keep all the materials for each problem together, and keep the problems in order. Do NOT take on all the code or figures at then end. That gives your readers a headache flipping back and forth. Better to have a smiley grader.

  1. Homework 1 (Answers), due Friday, January 24th
  2. Homework 2,(Answers), due Friday, January 31st
  3. Homework 3, due Friday, February 7th
  4. Homework 4,(Answers), due Friday, February 14nd
  5. Homework 5, (Answers) February 21
  6. Homework 6, (Answers) February 28
  7. Homework 7,(Answers) due March 20,5 pm
  8. Homework 8, (Answers) posted as a PDF, due March 27
  9. Homework 9, (Answers) due April 3
  10. Homework 10, (Answers) due April 10
  11. Homework 11 (Answers), due April 17
  12. Homework 12, (Answers) due April 24
  13. Homework 13, (Answers) due May 1


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