New York City Logic Conference

I am Stephen G. Simpson, a mathematician at the Pennsylvania State University.

In November 1999 I attended a New York City Logic Conference, organized by Joel David Hamkins, held in midtown Manhattan at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

At the NYC conference, I gave an invited 25-minute talk on Forcing With Trees and Conservation Results for WKL0. My transparencies are available here in several formats: DVI, PDF, PS.

A highlight of the NYC conference was a panel discussion on The Role of Set Theory and its Alternatives in the Foundations of Mathematics. The moderator was Rohit Parikh. The panelists were Harvey Friedman, Haim Gaifman, Alex Heller and myself. The entire discussion was videotaped. For more information, go to the conference web page.

I run FOM, an automated e-mail list for discussing foundations of mathematics. I have initiated an FOM discussion of the NYC conference. Other participants are invited to use FOM to review aspects of the NYC conference and especially the panel discussion.   /   6 December 1999