Feferman Symposium

I am Stephen G. Simpson, a mathematician at the Pennsylvania State University.

My principal research interest is foundations of mathematics. A leading contemporary figure in this area is Solomon Feferman. Recently I attended a symposium in honor of Solomon Feferman's 70th birthday. The Feferman Symposium took place at Stanford University on December 11-13, 1998. Many leading contemporary figures in foundations of mathematics were present. The program and abstracts are available in the form of a plain text file.

At the Feferman Symposium I gave an invited talk entitled Predicativity: The Outer Limits. I wrote up my talk for publication in the symposium proceedings.

I run FOM, an automated e-mail list for discussing foundations of mathematics. I tried to initiate an FOM discussion of the Feferman Symposium, but nobody followed up.

t20@psu.edu   /   29 October 1999