CTA Conference

I am Stephen G. Simpson, a mathematician at the Pennsylvania State University.

Recently I attended an unusual and outstanding recursion theory conference entitled Computability Theory and Applications (CTA for short). This AMS-INS-SIAM conference took place June 13-17, 1999, in Boulder, Colorado.

At the CTA conference I gave an invited talk entitled Open Problems in Reverse Mathematics. I plan to write up my talk for publication in the conference proceedings. In the meantime, a draft is available in several formats: HTML, DVI, PS, PDF.

I run a mailing list called FOM for discussing foundations of mathematics. In June 1999 I initiated a discussion of the CTA conference. Unfortunately, part of the discussion took place on another list, but I will try to pull the whole discussion together here.

  1. Simpson, 10 June 1999, FOM: awe; an unusual recursion theory meeting
  2. Simpson, 21 June 1999, FOM: an unusual recursion theory meeting
  3. Simpson, 21 June 1999, FOM: an unusual recursion theory meeting; impressions of CTA talks
  4. Simpson, 23 June 1999, FOM: impressions of CTA talks; Shlapentokh's talk
  5. Soare, 9 July 1999, COMP-THY: announcement and corrections
  6. Simpson, 13 July 1999, FOM, COMP-THY: more on the CTA meeting
  7. Friedman, 14 July 1999, FOM: Open Criticism
  8. Simpson, 15 July 1999, FOM, COMP-THY: CTA meeting; applications; Nabutovsky-Weinberger
  9. Simpson, 16 July 1999, COMP-THY: Open Criticism
  10. Soare, 16 July 1999, COMP-THY: Simpson and Harvey Friedman replies to Boulder discussion
  11. Soare, 16 July 1999, COMP-THY: Conclusion
  12. Friedman, 19 July 1999, FOM: Invitation to Soare
After 19 July 1999 the discussion continues on the FOM list. Among the participants are: Simpson, Soare, Friedman, Fenner, Odifreddi, Downey, Kurtz, Stevenson, Davis, Podnieks, Shipman, Baldwin.

t20@psu.edu / 15 December 1999