ASL/APA Meeting, 2001, Minneapolis

I am Stephen G. Simpson, a mathematician at the Pennsylvania State University.

I attended an Annual Meeting of the American Philosophical Association, 3-5 May 2001, in Minneapolis.

The meeting featured a Symposium on Reverse Mathematics and Computability Theory. Invited participants in the symposium were Jeffry Hirst, Reed Solomon, and myself. The background for this symposium was my book Subsystems of Second Order Arithmetic.

My presentation at the symposium was entitled Why the Recursion Theorists Ought to Thank Me. My transparencies are available in several formats: PDF, PS, DVI. My abstract is available in several formats: PDF, PS, DVI, HTML.

A list of my recent and upcoming talks is available.

My publication list is available.

I run FOM, an automated e-mail list for discussing foundations of mathematics. / 8 May 2001