Editor: Stephen G. Simpson

Title: Reverse Mathematics 2001

Publication: All papers have been refereed.  The volume was published
  in 2005 in the Association for Symbolic Logic's book series, Lecture
  Notes in Logic, X + 401 pages.


  Andrew Arana: Possible m-Diagrams of Models of Arithmetic. 16

  Jeremy Avigad: Weak Theories of Nonstandard Arithmetic and Analysis.
  24 pages

  Douglas K. Brown: Notions of Compactness in Weak Subsystems of
  Second-Order Arithmetic. 20 pages.

  Douglas Cenzer, Jeffrey B. Remmel: Proof-Theoretic Strength of the
  Stable Marriage Theorem and Other Problems. 35 pages.
  Peter Cholak, Mariagnese Giusto, Jeffry L. Hirst, Carl G. Jockusch,
  Jr.: Free Sets and Reverse Mathematics. 14 pages.

  Chi-Tat Chong, Richard A. Shore, Yue Yang: Interpreting Arithmetic
  in the R.E. Degrees under Sigma4-Induction. 26 pages.

  Rodney G. Downey, Reed Solomon: Reverse Mathematics, Archimedean
  Classes, and Hahn's Theorem. 16 pages.
  Antonio Marques Fernandes: The Baire Category Theorem over a
  Feasible Base Theory. 10 pages.
  Antonio M. Fernandes, Fernando Ferreira: Basic Applications of Weak
  Konig's Lemma in Feasible Analysis. 13 pages.

  Harvey M. Friedman: Maximal Nonfinitely Generated Subalgebras (4
  pages. 16 pages.

  Harvey M. Friedman: Metamathematics of Comparability. 21 pages.
  Jeffry L. Hirst: A Note on Compactness of Countable Sets. 3 pages.
  Jeffry L. Hirst: A Survey of the Reverse Mathematics of Ordinal
  Arithmetic. 13 pages.
  Jeffry L. Hirst: Reverse Mathematics and Ordinal Suprema. 9 pages.

  A. James Humphreys: Did Cantor Need Set Theory? 27 pages.

  Julia F. Knight: Models of Arithmetic, Quantifiers and Complexity. 9

  Ulrich Kohlenbach: Higher Order Reverse Mathematics. 14 pages.

  Roman Kossak: Arithmetic Saturation. 9 pages.

  Alberto Marcone: WQO and BQO Theory in Subsystems of Second Order
  Arithmetic. 27 pages.

  James H. Schmerl: Reverse Mathematics and Graph Coloring:
  Eliminating Diagonalization, 24 pages.

  James H. Schmerl: Undecidable Theories and Reverse Mathematics. 6

  Stephen G. Simpson: Pi01 Sets and Models of WKL0. 26 pages.
  Kazuyuki Tanaka, Takeshi Yamazaki: Manipulating the Reals in RCA0.
  14 pages.
  Takeshi Yamazaki: Reverse Mathematics and Basic Feasible Systems of
  0-1 Strings. 8 pages.

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