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Admission and choice of option

  1. The process of application to the mathematics graduate program and the guidelines for selection of candidates will continue as in the present, i.e., choosing the academically strongest candidates.
  2. No option should be selected in the application form to graduate school.
  3. Candidates to the Ph.D. program select the new Foundations Option by filing a petition with the Graduate Studies Committee anytime between admission to the Ph.D. program and the add/drop deadline for the student's semester.
  4. All students are entitled to a free trial of all the qualifying exams at entry, as in the current system.
  5. Students must complete any qualifying examinations by the end of the second year of graduate school as currently required. Candidates failing to pass the exams by the end of the two year period will be discontinued from the graduate program. In no way is the existence of a new option meant to give a second chance to re-enter the Ph.D. program after having failed the qualifying exams.

Stephen G Simpson
Sun Apr 19 19:59:54 EDT 1998