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Proposed changes

The basic points of the proposal can be summarized as follows:

  1. Maintain the standard Analysis and Algebra exams for mathematics Ph.D. candidates.
  2. Allow students to petition for the option of replacing the current exam in Topology with an exam in Logic and Foundations.
  3. Graduate students planning to write a thesis in the area of mathematical logic and foundations of mathematics may still elect to follow the standard examination system (Analysis, Algebra, Topology).
  4. Time limits to complete the new set of exams will remain the same as in the present system.
  5. On the discretion of the advisor, Ph.D. candidates having completed the new set of exams may be required to take certain courses, a certain number of credits, and/or certain exams in areas of pure mathematics as a graduation requirement.
  6. Candidates under the new option will graduate with the same title of Ph.D. in Mathematics as those in other areas.
  7. The proposed option will be established in a trial basis for the next five years. During that period of time, fine tuning and adjustments will take place to ensure the best results. A committee will re-evaluate the program and recommend changes, if deemed appropriate. In the latter case, proposed changes will follow the guidelines of the ``Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules of the University Faculty Senate''.

Stephen G Simpson
Sun Apr 19 19:59:54 EDT 1998