FOM: June 25 - July 31, 1999

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FOM: Submission to fom

Dear Mr. Moderator,

As a subscriber now I want to officially post this message from
Professor Sturt Kurtz, Chairman of the Department of Computer Science
at the University of Chicago.  It deals with issues raised by Simpson
(fom, June 21 and July 22) about SIMPSON'S THESIS and the use of
priority arguments in computer science, also discussed on fom by
Fenner and Downey, and indeed Fenner referred to a Kurtz paper.  Kurtz
has given me permission to post this because he is not a subscriber to

(Posting this will be also helpful for the moderator's policy of
quoting less and refering more to previous postings, since I and others
will then be able to refer to it.)

Robert I. Soare
Paul Snowden Russell 
Distinguished Service Professor
    of Mathematics and Computer Science			
Department of Mathematics 	     PHONE: (773) 702-6029, Secty: 702-7100 
The University of Chicago            FAX:   (773) 702-9787
5734 University Avenue		     E-MAIL:
Chicago, IL 60637-1546	USA  	     WEB:

See next msg for the submission for posting.

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