FOM: December 1 - December 22, 1998

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FOM: Where is Simpson?

Dear FOM,

To answer my own question:

I have been pretty busy winding up the fall semester.  But soon I will
jump back into the FOM fray.  There have been a number of interesting
FOM postings that I want to respond to.  Among them are:

  Anatoly Vorobey Nov 18 "Re: FOM: G.-C. Rota's Indiscretions"

  Robert Tragesser Nov 20 "FOM: Rota AS/IS debugged"

  Robert Tragesser Dec 1 "FOM: "Consistent":Three Questions.

  Adrian Mathias Dec 9 "FOM: scientific wrongdoing"

In addition, I want to initiate a discussion of the Feferfest, a
recent symposium in honor of Solomon Feferman's 70th birthday, which I
attended.  This was a very interesting conference.  I had a lot of
fun.  Many leading contemporary figures in f.o.m. were present.  Many
of the talks were directly relevant to issues that we have been
discussing here on FOM.  My talk dealt directly with an issue that
Feferman has returned to many times: predicativity.  Charles Parsons
gave an interesting talk on the reasons advanced by Hilbert and
Bernays and others for rejecting the predicativist program.

More on this later.

Happy holidays to all!

-- Steve

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