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Statement on Teaching
and Other Non-Research Activities

Stephen G. Simpson

Department of Mathematics

April 22, 2013

Pennsylvania State University

K-12 Outreach

Since 1996 I have been working with Dr. Michael Poliakoff, Deputy Secretary of Education in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, on a variety of projects to improve mathematics teaching in Pennsylvania. I have served as a resource person for the Governor's Institute for Mathematics Education and other panels and boards.

Scholarly Outreach

I have done a lot to bring my research area, mathematical logic and foundations of mathematics, to the public. My expository article Logic and Mathematics is intended for the general reader and will soon be published by the Book-of-the-Month Club. My recently published book Subsystems of Second Order Arithmetic is widely regarded as a milestone in foundations of mathematics. I run the Penn State Logic Seminar. Since 1997 I have been running the FOM list, an important scholarly resource in foundations of mathematics. This mailing list is very active, with more than 400 subscribers including some of the best known researchers. In March 2000 I did a talk-radio interview on Gödel's theorem for the Prodos radio show in Melbourne, Australia.

Computer System

On the Penn State Mathematics Department computer system, I maintain some important user software including TeX/LaTeX, Emacs, and foreign language software. I have also helped to develop an extensive on-line User's Guide.


I am a committed and dedicated teacher of mathematics. I especially enjoy teaching calculus classes, and I believe I am successful in communicating my high enthusiasm for the subject. For several years I was the coordinator of approximately 10 sections of one of our calculus courses, Math 230.

I routinely make my lecture notes and other class materials available on the web. Over the last few years I have developed a graph theory course, wherein I use the Maple symbolic mathematics package for demonstrations and projects in our web-enabled classrooms. I have also used a web-enabled classroom to teach an advanced graduate topics course on lambda calculus and the theory of programming languages.

Because the Department of Mathematics at Penn State University is very large and diverse, the majority of my advanced undergraduate teaching and all of my graduate teaching has been in the area of my research specialty, mathematical logic and foundations of mathematics. However, I am also quite able and happy to teach courses in many other areas of mathematics, including any standard undergraduate and beginning graduate course. I would particularly welcome opportunities to teach courses in calculus, ordinary and partial differential equations, differential geometry, algebra, combinatorics, computational complexity, and formal languages.

Courses Taught at Penn State University

Beginning Undergraduate

Advanced Undergraduate


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Statement on Teaching
and Other Non-Research Activities

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