Math 574: Topics in Logic and Foundations

Spring 2004, MWF 9:05-9:55 AM, 113 McAllister, Schedule 292990

Stephen G. Simpson, 333 McAllister, 863-0775,

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This course is intended for graduate students in mathematical logic.
I will carefully introduce a variety of topics which are important in
contemporary mathematical logic, but not normally covered in our basic
logic sequence, MATH 557-558.  Among the topics:

  - computability in core mathematics

  - unsolvable problems in core mathematics

  - Turing degrees (i.e., degrees of unsovability)

  - basis theorems and absoluteness

  - combinatorial set theory

  - ultrapowers

  - large cardinals

  - forcing

  - infinite games and determinacy

  - models of arithmetic

I don't plan to go very deeply into any of these topics.  Material
will be selected from standard textbooks such as (1) Theory of
Recursive Functions and Effective Computability, by Hartley Rogers,
(2) Set Theory, by Thomas Jech, (3) Models of Peano Arithmetic, by
Richard Kaye.