From: Stephen G Simpson 
Subject: please enroll in MATH 565
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2014 13:53:22 -0500

Dear mathematical logic students,

Next semester I am offering MATH 565, a graduate course in
mathematical logic.  The subject of this course is foundations of
mathematics.  More specifically, we will study how tools from
mathematical logic (predicate calculus, Turing computability, etc.)
can be used to analyze the logical strength of core mathematical
theorems (in analysis, algebra, combinatorics, etc.)

A suitable prerequisite for this course would be a previous course in
mathematical logic, such as MATH 457 or 557 or 558.  I believe most of
you have taken one of these courses or are taking one of them now.

MATH 565 needs 4 or 5 students to run, and currently I have only 3.
If you have already enrolled, thank you.  If not, please enroll soon.
Finally, if you have any questions about MATH 565 or mathematical
logic generally, please let me know.

Best wishes,
-- S. Simpson

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