Math 558: Foundations of Mathematics I

I am Stephen G. Simpson, a Professor of Mathematics at the Pennsylvania State University.

Math 558 is an introductory, graduate-level course in foundations of mathematics. The topics covered are: computability, unsolvable problems, undecidability of the natural number system, decidability of the real number system, informal set theory, axiomatic set theory. Math 558 is suitable for all mathematics graduate students.

I taught Math 558 in Fall 2009. Lectures were Tue-Thu 9:45-11:00 AM. We met in 315 McAllister.

My office is 305 McAllister. I did not hold regular office hours in Fall 2009, but students were able drop in whenever my door was open, or make an appointment.

Here are some course materials.

I have taught Math 558 several times before. Some old course materials are available.

Click here to see more information on foundations of mathematics.

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