Math 312: Real Analysis

I am Stephen G. Simpson, a Professor of Mathematics at Penn State University.

Math 312 is an introductory course on real analysis. I taught it in in Spring 2009.

As stated in the Penn State catalog of courses, the only prerequisite for Math 312 is Math 141.

The textbook was Kenneth A. Ross, Elementary Analysis: The Theory of Calculus, Springer, X + 351 pages.

There was no syllabus. My plan was to go through the book in order. Ideally I had hoped to cover the entire book, but instead we covered only Chapters 1 through 4.

Class meetings were Monday Wednesday Friday 2:30 - 3:20 PM in 116 Osmond. Class attendance was mandatory.

My office hours were Monday Wednesday 4-5 PM and by appointment. To make an appointment, please send me email.

There were two in-class midterm exams, Friday February 13 and Friday March 27. The final exam was Friday, May 8, 10:10-12:00, in 203 EE West.

Grades were based on homework (30 percent), midterm exams (40 percent) and the final exam (30 percent).

Here are some course materials.   /   8 May 2009