MATH 140H: Honors Calculus I

I am Stephen G. Simpson, a Professor of Mathematics at Penn State University. In Fall 2011 I taught MATH 140H, Honors Calculus I.

Here are the homework assignments for MATH 140H.

Solutions for some of the MATH 140H homework problems are available.

Students in MATH 140H will take the same midterm exams and final exam and do the same kind of homework as students in the standard MATH 140, Calculus I. But in addition, MATH 140H will include supplementary material on the foundations of calculus. This will involve extra homework and a term paper. Here are some readings on the foundations of calculus.

My lecture notes for this part of the course are available. The homework for this part of the course is as follows:

The final exam for MATH 140H was Tuesday, December 13, 2:30-4:20 PM, in 100 Thomas.

Here are links to some standard course materials for MATH 140.

Additional course materials for MATH 140, including the Student Solutions Manual, are available on ANGEL.

Here are my Fall 2011 office hours.   /   9 December 2011