The Foundational Impact of Recursion Theory

In honor of Steve Simpson's 70th birthday
University of Connecticut at Storrs
May 22, 2016

About the conference

Recursion theory has many deep applications to the foundations of mathematics. This conference aims to bring together researchers working in all aspects and foundational applications of recursion theory. The conference is in honor of Steve Simpson's 70th birthday.

Steve Simpson

Stephen G. Simpson earned a PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1971, advised by Gerald Sacks. Simpson held positions at Yale University, the University of California at Berkeley, and the University of Oxford before taking a permanent position at Pennsylvania State University in 1975. He has published 95+ papers and five books, including the seminal Subsystems of Second-Order Arithmetic. His research topics have included recursion theory, second-order arithmetic, Reverse Mathematics, intuitionism, mass problems, randomness, dynamical systems, and philosophy of mathematics. He has supervised 20 PhD students, of whom 12 have subsequently earned tenure as professors of mathematics.

PhD students


↑ [1]: Although Steel's official thesis adviser was Professor John Addison of Berkeley, the following is a quotation from the acknowledgements page of Steel's thesis. "I owe a great debt to Stephen Simpson, who guided me expertly in the perilous transition from study to research. The results of Chapters 1 and 2, together with less tangible aspects of my research, are a product of Simpson's influence." The thesis consists of three chapters.