Hi, I am Sagnik, a PhD student in IST, PennState . My primary advisor is Dr. C. Lee. Giles. I also work with Dr. Prasenjit Mitra.

Before coming to PennState, I spent all my years in India. I did my undergrad in Jadavpur University and went to IIT Kharagpur for my master's degree.

My research work involves information extraction and machine learning. I work in areas such as document analysis, vision, natural language processing. More detailed description is here , including links to my publications. I maintain a Github profile as well.

Contact Info:

email: sagnik you-know-what psu you-know-what edu , szr163 you-know-what ist you-know-what psu you-know-what edu.

You wil usually find me in 309 IST Building @PennState.

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