Shuhao Cao

Department of Mathematics
Pennsylvania State University
State College, PA 16802

Contact Information

Email: scao (at) psu DOT edu
Office: 210 McAllister Building
Phone: 3-8578

Current Teaching

Fall 2016, MATH 230, Calculus and Vector Analysis
Office Hours: F 230p-430p
For classroom, time, exams, HW, please log on to Canvas and use this link.


  • (with J. Brannick) Bootstrap Multigrid for the Shifted Laplace-Beltrami Eigenvalue Problem, submitted manuscript, 2015.
  • (with Z. Cai and R. Falgout) Robust a posteriori error estimation for finite element approximation to H(curl) problem, Comput. Methods in Appl. Mech. Eng.,, 309 (2016), 182–201.
  • (with Z. Cai) A recovery-based a posteriori error estimator for H(curl) interface problems, Comput. Methods in Appl. Mech. Eng., 296 (2015), 169-195.
  • An LL* finite element method for magnetohydrodynamics, submitted manuscript, 2015.
  • A discrete de Rham complex on stars, submitted manuscript, 2015.
  • In my spare time, I participate the Q&A sites Mathematics/Scientific Computing StackExchange mostly to answer questions and have discussions with people on partial differential equations:
    profile for Shuhao Cao on Stack Exchange, a network of free, community-driven Q&A sites


    2013. 1st Place in the graduate talks of SIAM@Purdue Computational Science and Engineering Student Conference
    2010-2011. Meritorious contributor to Problem of the Week column at Purdue Mathematics
    2009-2010. Excellence in Teaching Award as a graduate instructor, Department of Mathematics, Purdue University
    2006. Meritorious winners ranking 19th/835 in US Mathematical Contest in Modeling (COMAP)


    I became a runner in 2010. While running, my mind enjoys the total relaxation and the overwhelming intensity of the so-called endorphins release. I could think freely on math, physics, and philosophy (just to rephrase Kant held the view that freedom is thinkable, yet unknown to be achievable or not, such an agnostic rationalist). I have run three full-marathons, and many half-marathons. My ultimate goal is to qualify for Boston Marathon, as well as to finish an Ironman Triathlon.