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Last Day

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So today is my last day at my current organization. Am I leaving? No. Being fired? Hope not. But tomorrow, you see, at 8 am, my organization will begin a day of conversations about the new organization we will be, and how we will leave the old organization behind. 

For nine+ months (yeah, I get the analogy), lots of folks out there have been working on what our organization should be doing and what we will look like. While I wasn't involved in most of that, I have seen the care and consideration these people took, as well as the stress they've lived under. 

Simon Sinek, in his TED Talk, discusses the need for organizations to "get to why." He says that "people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." And I think he's right. I'm looking forward to hearing the community "why" tomorrow, and also to giving kudos (and hugs, where required) to all the folks who worked really hard to get us even this far. 

For now, though, here's my own personal Why. 

And here's a link to Simon Sinek's talk, which I think is fabulous:

New Years Resolutions

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Well, it's been quite a year. One year ago, I was in a very different space in my life, and a very different time. Lots has changed over the course of that time, and I have to say that it was mostly for the better. Much better. I've made new friends, solidified old ones, and even reconnected with some I hadn't seen in far too long. 

So, even though it's pretty much mid-May, I thought it was appropriate for me to make a few resolutions. So here they are. My promises to myself for the upcoming year.

  1. Make less promises. I have the tendency to "volunteer" for too much, and end up making myself crazy trying to do it all. So from today, "I'm sorry, I can't help you with that" is going to enter my vocabulary.
  2. Plan the work, and work the plan. This is my resolution to work on preventing my distractibility (ooh--a shiny!) from getting in the way of my accomplishments. Even if it means turning off Twitter. Or, god-forbid, my music. 
  3. Honor those around me. I have been utterly blessed by a large circle of fabulous people--at work, at home, and in my virtual life. I need to thank them, more. Starting now. So thank you.
That's it. I'm limiting this to three, so that I don't overcommit myself (see resolution number 1). 

So I got a new TV. An HD TV. Flat panel, sleek, nice. Even bought an HD cable to make it work. Figured we already had HD downstairs, so it would be a matter of putting the HD cable into the cable box and it'd be a "go." Except that my cable box was old enough that it didn't HAVE an HD input. #Fail. So I unhooked the old box and headed to my cable company (My company is Comcast, by the way) for an exchange.

I know, I know. Your cable company. The company you love to hate. They charge for everything, it takes forever to get service, and service calls occur under 80-hour windows, where you're trapped in your house, desperate for the cable guy to come, afraid to even go to the bathroom lest they appear while you're unavailable. Have heard it all. Have experienced a lot of it. "We're experiencing high call volume right now. You will be a decade older when we finally answer and you won't remember what you needed anymore." This time, I was informed that the amount that I was paying for HD wasn't for the service, but for each TV's HD service. $15 per. Nonetheless, I sucked it up and took the box.

The box I liked. Compact and sleek, I saw it as living nicely under my TV, taking up very little room. So we set it up, and we called to activate it. They did so over the phone, and we waited for it to take effect. 

And waited.

And today, 24-hours later, I realized that something was just "not right." I didn't have all the channels, and I kept getting a "you must activate this box" message. So I called. And got the "longer than normal" wait-time message. Gotta admit, I wasn't feeling all that "Comcastic." 

Enter social media. I had had an experience a year or so ago when my internet went out and I couldn't get through to tech support. I Tweeted something like, "Comcastic my fanny!" on Twitter, and lo and behold, @comcastcares (Frank Elias) sent me a message asking me what was up and how could he help? I thought, "Ok, no harm no foul," and direct-messaged my phone number. From text messaging on my cell and Twitter, Frank fixed my internet issue. No phone call, no waiting, and actually, very little hassle.

So this time, while I simultaneously was on hold waiting for phone support, I also fired up my computer and tweeted, "Looking for @comcastcares or one of Frank's compatriots. Need a reset (or something) on the new HD box. kthx." 

A minute or so later (still on hold on the phone), @comcastBonnie asked me what was up (Frank has expanded his network, clearly). And again, within 10 minutes, I'd direct-messaged Bonnie my phone number and she activated the box, eliminated the message, and then told me I'd have a buttload more channels now. Before I ever got through on the phone.

And this is why, even though my cable company frustrates me sometimes, I absolutely love them, too. Because people like Frank and Bonnie have decided to make it better. By using social media. By having conversations with their customers, rather than just talking at them. If anyone at corporate Comcast reads this, I hope they call their Twitter crew right away and ask them what else they can do to improve the company. Because these people get it. 

Twitter useless? Hardly. And this is an example even a luddite could appreciate. 

On Planning

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I am simultaneously a planner and a non-planner. That is, I like to plan some things way far in advance, and for others, last-minute is just fine. One of my other traits, however, is to get overwhelmed if I have a lot of planning to do. And right now, I have a lot of planning I need to do. That's where others come in--folks who can suggest strategies and ways I can lay out what I need to do without becoming overwhelmed. 

Projects at work, for the kids, for teaching, for the fellowship I attend, for myself, and for my house. How do I mesh them all together? I'm considering using Project for this, but honestly, the format somewhat overwhelms me and I don't really know how to get started. Part of me thinks I just need to get some big white paper, lay out everything, and go from there. Maybe with crayons. Figure out where the chunks go and how I might organize them. Or index cards. I just think I need something physical to help me to get started. 

Anyone else have ideas? What do you do to help you to plan? 

Will it Never End?

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Okay, gang. To start, this post will probably offend someone out there who doesn't realize that I'm typing this with a smile on my face. And for the record, I do like Apple products (in fact am typing this very post on my Mac). So take this as you will.

Mad props to @honeydo for the link, as well, which she knew would send me over the edge. What she didn't know was that I was in serious trouble for a blog post this week, and this gave me enough to go on. So thanks for saving me from the horrors of ice cream cake!

A Few Questions...

I have a few questions for you. Got an iPhone, Mac, iPad, iWork, iLife (in every sense of the word)? Do you watch Apple unveilings online? Salivate madly (and stand in line) for the latest and greatest? Is your greatest wish to move next door to an Apple store? Is Steve Jobs your yardstick for design, dress code, and behavior? Are you one of the hipster, black-turtleneck-wearing crowd?

Oh, and are you single? (if the answer to the rest of the questions is "yes," then no great guess as to why the single thing, folks.) :P

The Solution (or iSolution, I guess)

So now, we have an iSolution to the iSingle problem:

Here's what it looks like:

Cupidtino Screen Shot

My Reaction

Here's what I think (in no particular order):

  1. OMFG. Srsly?????
  2. Well, maybe that will get some of these fanboys/girls paired up and off the streets, where they are a danger to themselves and others
  3. OMFG.
  4. Is there a business model for this? Oh, wait. Fanboys. Fangirls. Nevermind. ;)
  5. Will everyone's profile pic have them sporting a black turtleneck and hipster glasses?
  6. How many users will use Steve Jobs' picture as their profile image?
  7. OMFG.
You get the picture. Much like the iPad, I Just. Don't. Get. It.

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