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TLT Symposium 2008

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I'm going to save the long post about today's events for later when I've had more of a chance to reflect, but I did want to post my merit badge for attending this year's Symposium. It was the best one EVER!!!


ColorWars 2008!

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I'm currently involved in a game online called ColorWars 2008. Ze Frank started it on his Twitter page, and now there are over 90 teams playing. What makes this game unique is not that the players are distributed and don't know each other, but that the game itself is distributed.

Traditional games have players in the same place playing the same game. Online games generally have distributed players playing the same game on the same site. Web "games" (for lack of a better term) have players in the same place playing the same game on (possibly) different sites (e.g., when you have a resident class do an online scavenger hunt). Here, you have totally distributed players and teams, all playing the same game--but on different sites. There is some aggregation here (like the Colorwars site itself), but the aggregation is the sole means of keeping the game together.

Let's examine the first challenge. I'm to take a picture of myself in my team uniform throwing a rock, paper, or scissors. I upload the photo to Flickr and tag it in a particular way. Tomorrow evening we have a bracket style tournament to see who continues. I'm assuming that they'll use the tags to pull these things in and determine in some technical way who goes "up against" whom.

This to me is really mashing up (for lack of a better term) the concepts of Web 2.0, community, online gaming, and a host of other things (silliness among them). But I like it. It's taking the scavenger hunt/webquest idea one further. It remains to be seen how it'll all turn out, but I'm really looking forward to it!

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