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So today is my last day at my current organization. Am I leaving? No. Being fired? Hope not. But tomorrow, you see, at 8 am, my organization will begin a day of conversations about the new organization we will be, and how we will leave the old organization behind. 

For nine+ months (yeah, I get the analogy), lots of folks out there have been working on what our organization should be doing and what we will look like. While I wasn't involved in most of that, I have seen the care and consideration these people took, as well as the stress they've lived under. 

Simon Sinek, in his TED Talk, discusses the need for organizations to "get to why." He says that "people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." And I think he's right. I'm looking forward to hearing the community "why" tomorrow, and also to giving kudos (and hugs, where required) to all the folks who worked really hard to get us even this far. 

For now, though, here's my own personal Why. 

And here's a link to Simon Sinek's talk, which I think is fabulous:

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