Office Space (no red staplers need apply)

So our office has been moving. Moving, moving. People going every which way. I was excited, because I got to move into an office with windows. And a view. And I have NEVER had this before. 

The chaos, of course, included lots of questions. Questions of status, questions of furniture (can I keep this? What about that? What if I need something else?), and questions of timing (Monday? When Monday?). In this chaos, the woman who was supposed to coordinate it all remained unflappable and professional, even in the midst of some pretty temper-filled moments on the part of others. 

I will have worked for Penn State for 10 years this June, and I know that I will move again. That my next space may be a cube, that it may be in a basement, and that I may have to eventually share the space with someone else. As long as no one hands me a red stapler, I refuse to panic over this. There's no point. Furniture is furniture. Space is space. When everything settles, the likelihood is that there will be a piece of furniture/equipment left over somewhere else that will meet any of my unmet needs. 

As I kept saying during the process, "I'm a tree--I can bend" (what movie was that from, anyway? Totally forget, but it's a quote). 

Some space is nicer, yes, and I'll be honest. The sunshine currently coming through the windows behind me makes me happy. Will it make me more or less productive? Time will tell. My guess is that the window would tend to make me slightly less stressed. Being able to take a second to see nature does that for me. Being in the office suite rather than "hallway girl" will likely make me a bit more productive, as I actually feel like I'm in a working environment now.

In the end, I worked to make the space my own, even knowing that I will move again. Eventually. Within a year or two, if past moves are any indication. But that'll be okay, too. Just don't hand me a red stapler. 
The "Hallway Girl" Office

New Office
The New Office


Actually, they took his red stapler away in "Office Space", sparking (literally) a well-timed-for-plot-purposes fire. Funny movie. And, I think your tree can bend quote is stated by Lily Tomlin in the movie "Nine to Five". Presuming a good Google search can be trusted. But the more I think about it, it seems like the right movie and character.

Making like a tree,
Neal Cross

Thanks, Neal! It was, indeed, 9 to 5. :)

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