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So...I lost my phone last night. Somewhere between @wexlermoon's house, where I checked in for knit night, and home, the phone was -- Poof! Gone. So for now, I'm without a cell of any kind. 

We pause while everyone waits for me to panic...

Ok, so I'm not actually panicking. Yet. I strongly suspect I put the phone in the bag of one of my companion #knitpistols. Thus, until they all report that they've looked and it's not there, I absolutely refuse to panic. I e-mailed the group this am and asked everyone to look. Then, on the way to work, I started to wonder why no one had called me yet. Until I realized that I don't have a phone. Sad, that. :)

That did, however, make me think it would be interesting to keep track of all the things I'm not able to do without my Droid. Don't get me wrong--this is not going to be a "Droid love" post, though there is that aspect to it. Instead, I wanted to catalogue the things I lose (and gain) today because I don't have a camera-enabled smartphone with me. Here's the list:

  • 6:50 am: Wondered why no one called to tell me they have my phone. Realized that required me to have, you know, a phone. *headslap* 
  • 6:52 am: Wondered what was on my calendar today, only to realize I'd have to wait until I arrived at work to check.
  • 6:53 am: Noticed the beauty of the sun reflecting off Mt. Nittany on my way in. Wanted to take a photo. Couldn't.
  • 6:54 am: Wanted to text the kids to tell them to have a good day at school. Realized that needed to wait until I got to work (and thank God for Google Voice).
  • 6:55 am: Wondered if Verizon would use the built-in GPS to find the phone location for me. Decided that was a bit panicky for this early in the day, and likely not to help, given experience with GPS and Foursquare
  • 7:01 am: Arrived at work, and realized I couldn't check in to Foursquare.
  • 9:03 am: Feeling tethered to my desk waiting for return phone call

Happy Ending: By 9:15, I knew where the phone was, and it was even delivered to my office before 11:30 am. Thanks, Elizabeth!

In looking at the list, however, what I realize is just how much I use my phone. And really, mostly it's not even phone calls. 

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You better have that Droid on the south ridge by morning, or there'll be hell to pay!

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