Sadan Kulturel-Konak, Ph.D.Lion


Entrepreneurship at Penn State

Courses Redesigned and Taught:
MGMT 425-    New Venture Creation
IST 302WD-   Information Technology Project Management (Online)
SEEM 3450-   Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Chinese University of Hong Kong- International Summer School
SEEM 3530-   Engineering and Technology Management (Chinese University of Hong Kong- International Summer School)
ENGR 497A-  Entrepreneurship Capstone
ENGR 310-     Entrepreneurial Leadership
ENTR 497A-  Recycling and Product Development in Kenya
MIS 204-         Management Information Systems
SCM 200-       Business Statistics
IST 302-          Information Technology Project Management
BA 421-          Project Management
PSU 05-          First Year Seminar- Career Toolkit and Entrepreneurship
BA 297-          Special Studies
BA 495C-       Research Internship