How to print out a DVI file

Here is an advice from Luis Barreira:

1st way to print: on Netscape choose "General Preferences" and inside
them choose "Applications". There you will find the "Temporary
Directory" where the dvi files you download are kept.

cd [name of the Temporary Directory found as above; if it is /tmp,
cd /tmp, since cd tmp will not work even if you are in your main dir]
ls MO* [the name always starts with MO]
dvips [the name coming out of ls, use copy and paste]

2nd way to print: use mosaic instead and in its first menu select load
to disk when you select a dvi file it will ask for a name to save it
you print the file with dvips as usual.

You can also play with the name of the directories and with
the option "Helpers" in "General Preferences" but this may
be a bit dangerous (although it could become easier to use).