Album: So Close, So Very Far To Go (Polydor, 24 4034, c1970)

Side One

  • So Close
  • A Little Comfort
  • I Sure Like Her Song
  • We're All We've Got
  • Her Song

Side Two

  • So Very Far To Go
  • The Paris Song
  • I Remember Sunshine
  • Django & Friend
  • Population
  • Reviews

    "Apart from being the funniest man I know, Jake Holmes has to be potentially one of the best composers in the idiom. Rather than letting his words come out in an endless stream (a method which Dylan pioneered but which only he can manage), Jake crafts them like a poet, moulding and shaping the lines until they convey their meaning in the most precise and accurate way. That's what writing words is all about, and Jake could be the one to expose all the rubbish foisted on the public in the name of 'poetry.' This is his second album [actually, fourth album], recorded in Nashville with all the usual cats, and it's very, very beautiful. It shows him to be a writer of nonpareil love songs; 'So Close' has the lines: 'One last look, you knew my eyes were asking / and I could feel yours, pulling at my sleeve,' while 'The Paris Song,' which Jake thinks is the best thing he's ever written, is almost terrifying[ly] personal. His melodies are light-footed and attractive, beautifully interpreted by the musicians, among whom guitarist, Teddy Irwin stands out. 'Django and Friend' is a lovely track, during which Irwin and fiddler Buddy Spicher emulate the old Reinhardt/Grappelly [Stephan Grapelli] partnership almost to perfection, while 'Population' is a most elliptical song with an oblique lyric which may be the best thing on the record. As far as I'm concerned, Jake Holmes represents hope for the future, and his second [fourth] album is highly recommended." --R.W. [Richard Williams][Melody Maker, 45 (October 24, 1970), p. 19.]