CD: Dangerous Times


  • 1. Dangerous Time
  • 2. One Small Hand
  • 3. Dust
  • 4. Miles
  • 5. Silence
  • 6. The Wall
  • 7. Your Love
  • 8. Orphan
  • 9. W.A.S.P. (the remake)
  • 10. Love Love
  • 11. September Girl
  • 12. We Make Love
  • 13. Party
  • 14. Another Night


In 2000, Jake Holmes found that he had a lot to say in the new songs that he had written recently. Jake's ongoing projects with Harry Belafonte led to songs like "Dust" that brought the approach from his Tower days up-to-date with a worldly feel. With simple guitar backing and just a few other embellishments, Holmes' songs speak louder than an entire band.

Recorded at home and released in 2001, Dangerous Times found Jake Holmes in fine voice and in top form. The song "Dangerous Time" covered the serious state of the world today. On the other hand, Jake's love of jazz was fully realized with "Miles," a tribute to trumpeter Miles Davis. Delivered in slam poetry style with trumpet bursts and finger snaps, Jake Holmes creates an engaging rap that demands attention from today's rap masters.

The song "Silence" (not the same as the one on How Much Time) contains musical and lyrical flourishes that could have been found on A Letter To Katherine December, but they have been brought into a modern context. "The Wall" is a daring a cappella performance something that only an experienced artist like Jake Holmes could execute. It's followed by the anthem "Your Love" highlighted by Jake's mature voice, and the effective story song "Orphan."

A remake of the How Much Time album track "W.A.S.P." is finally in line with how Holmes originally envisioned it. His amorous interests were uncovered in the next three songs on this CD "Love Love," "September Girl" and "We Make Love." The percussive "Party" is unlike anything Jake Holmes has ever created. The rolling rhythm is continued on the final track "Another Night," which gives us a 21st Century snapshot of the mean streets of New York.

Jake Holmes definitely has things to say and he says them well on Dangerous Times. Jake, please continue the conversation!