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  Course Assignments

Course Assignments

Assignment 1: Graphics (10 points)

  1. Use your images to build a collage that describes yourself. Your image should be 1024x768 pixels in dimension and optimized to reduce file size in Photoshop as a jpeg or gif. You can find this option in 'File<Save for web and devices' . Place your completed file into a folder titled 'assignment1' on your personal webspace. As you complete this activity you should become familiar with the following Photoshop techniques:

    • Selecting pixels with the following tools; Marquee; Lasso; Magic wand
    • Modifying tool sensitivity
    • Creating new layers in Photoshop; unlocking the background layer; moving images in different layers with the Move tool; show/ hide layers; flattening layers
    • Crop tool
    • Merging layers

  2. Create a template driven website.If you are using Adobe CS3 use Photoshop (File > Automate >Web Photo gallery), if you are using Adobe CS4 use Bridge to complete this activity. Note that it is important for you to explore all of he options available in each of the dialog boxes.
    Also, all of your images should be edited (i.e. cropped, adjusted for Levels, Saturation; Brightness, etc., and applied an appropriate filter), to create a high-quality visual experience.
    When you are done, upload the site to your PASS space by dragging the folder into the mounted server on your computer. Alternatively, you can upload your images in Dreamweaver. As you complete this activity you should become familiar with the following Photoshop techniques:
    • Selecting pixels with the following tools; Marquee; Lasso; Magic wand
    • Creating/ copying layers
    • Levels; Hue/ Saturation; brightness/ contrast; shadow/ highlights
    • Applying filters
    • Creating and using Actions
    • Setting adjustment layers and masks
    • Understanding hexadecimal codes
    • Using History
    • Selecting a website template

  3. Send me an email with the urls of your files (e.g. if I created a folder titled assignment1, I might have the urls: http://insys.vmhost.psu.edu/~sxh12/assignment1/collage.jpg and http://insys.vmhost.psu.edu/~sxh12/assignment1/template.html)

Assignment 2: Video (10 points)

  1. Create a brief video (2 minutes +/- 30 seconds) that tells an interesting story.
  2. Your video should include the following:
    1. At least one ‘green screen’ scene
    2. Transitions between scenes
    3. One or more audio tracks
    4. Graphics and a credits frame
  3. When you are done, upload your video to Youtube and submit your link to me via email. Keep track of the url as you will use it later in the course
  4. Below are the criteria I will be using to evaluate your video:

Video quality:
Steady camera
Effective use of lighting
Compression quality
Effective use of green screen
Audio quality
Introduction/ Credits

Overall appeal

Assignment 3: Working with HTML and SSI (10 points)

  1. Complete Activity 1 and Activity 2
Assignment 4: Working with Javascript and CSS(10 points)
  1. Create three pages to add to your website
    • The first is a page that includes javascript to make the page interactive. You do not have to create the javascript file from your own code. It is expected that you will find and integrate javascript from a free javascript website and embed the script into your page.
    • The second and third pages are files that include CSS. Use CSS to write two brief tutorials on how to integrate CSS and Javascript into a web page!
  2. Create a separate navigation page (e.g. titled 'assignment 4') that appears on your website home page and that links to each of the three assignment files.

Assignment 5: Databases part 1 (10 points)

Before starting this assignment, read the document titled Working with Databases. You should also read the section Listing records in a database in the document titled Working with Databases 2

  1. Working in your personal database, create a new table that contains at least 5 fields (including a primary key; at least one text field; and at least one arithmetic field. Add a minimum of 10 records to the database using SQL statements that are entered directly into the MySQL GUI
  2. Practice updating individual records in your table
  3. Practice deleting individual or multiple records from your table
  4. Create a webpage that includes a button that, when selected, displays the contents of your database. Add a link to this assignment on your blog/ website.

Assignment 6: Databases Part 2 and final website (15 points)

Your final assignment involves 2 tasks.

Task 1: Your assignment should include the following functionality:

  • Use a form (in html or in Flash) to read information from a database.
  • Include the ability to add records to the database
  • Include the ability to remove records from the database

Pick one of the following

  1. Create a database and related interface files that can be used to allow users to access a webpage only when they enter a correct username and password. Design and develop interfaces that allow you to add and delete users to/ from the database, and to update a user’s password. 
  2. Create a grade book and the related interfaces that:
  • Allows students’ first and last names to be added or deleted from the grade book
  • Allows you to enter assignment numbers and assignment scores.
  • Allows you to view all the scores for any given student.
  • Create a content management system that stores teachers’ names, courses, and the names of students within each course. Demonstrate that you can add and delete classes, teachers and students.  Note: This is a more challenging assignment!
  1. Define your own project! Keep in mind that your project should involve listing, adding, updating, and deleting records.

Task 2: Re-organize your website so it is easy to navigate, visually appealing, and includes link to each of the course assignments and reaction papers.

Reaction papers: (35 points)
Write a blog entry for each of the assigned readings. In all you will write 7 reaction papers (worth 5 points each), due the session after which a reading has been discussed. When two reading are included, you may choose which of the two papers you write a reaction paper for. Reactions should include two parts: First, you should summarize the chapter/ article in your own words. Second, you should address what the reading means to you as a multimedia designer.

Reaction papers should be no more than 500 words in length. Please indicate the length of your reaction paper at the end of the blog entry. When you have learned how to develop web pages, a link to your blog should be included on your course web site. Until that time, please bring your reaction papers with you to class.

Reaction paper rubric

The grades of A, B, C, and D are assigned the following grade-point equivalents by Penn State :

Point Value
Grade Point Average
>94 4.00 
A- >89-94 3.67
B+ >86-89 3.33
B >84-86 3.00
B-  >79-84 2.67
C+  >76-79 2.33
C >74-76 2.00
>69-74 1.00
F 69 or less 0

Please refer to the University Grading Policy for Undergraduate Courses for additional information about University grading policies.
If you are prevented from completing this course for reasons beyond your control, you have the option of requesting a deferred grade.

Accommodating Disabilities

Penn State encourages qualified persons with disabilities to participate in its programs and activities. If you anticipate needing any type of accommodation or have questions about the physical access provided, please see more information on the World Campus Web site. Penn State is committed to affirmative action, equal opportunity, and the diversity of its workforce.