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Unit 4: Building websites

  1. Building websites with html

    In previous Units you read about html web development. As you have probably gathered by now, there is a tremendous amount of detail to learn, much more than we have time to cover in class. I hope that reading the text will help you to find important information when you are building websites. As you work on projects you will become aware of the need for different types of functionality, much of which can be found in books or by re-using code from other projects that you have completed.

    The most valuable activity you can engage in involves completing as many projects as possible. Each one will present its own challenges, but the result of completing projects will be a deep and flexible knowledge base that you can build on.

    You will go through web website development stages:

    • First, you will build a simple html site. This will introduce you to some basic html tags; how to layout and format text; how to access other pages within your site and to link to other websites; and how to incorporate images and interactive content (such as Flash files) into your site.
    • Second, you will learn how to use server-side scripts to layout your site and make it interactive. Server-side scripts give you the flexibility of making structural changes to your site without having to modify the content.
    • Third, you will create forms to gather data from end users. You will use forms to gather information from end users that will be used to interact with a database.
    • Finally, you will use the javascript programming language . You will not be writing javascript code, only re-using code that has been written by other people, but is available for free and allows you to make your site interactive.

    Activity 1
    Working with html

    Activity 2
    Creating server-side scripts