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  Unit 3: Video

Unit 3: Video

  1. In this unit you will plan, produce, and edit a video, and upload your final product to the Internet. Before you get too far into the project you should make an appointment at the Digital Commons to learn about the avilability of hardware and software. You can use the Digital Commons studio, including their cameras and lighting to help make a high quality product. The Digital Commons staff will help you to learn how to use lighting and microphones effectively, how to use a green screen, and the basics of iMovie (or Final Cut Express) to edit your projects.
  2. Read the workflow to produce a video project
    • Read Digital Storytelling Cookbook
    • Set a goal for your project
    • Plan and create a storyboard
    • Use the resources and equipment available at the Digital Commons to capture and edit your video
    • Create a Youtube account. After setting up a free account, you can upload your final project
  3. You can borrow video cameras and hard drives from Wagner Annex. You can borrow a tripod and different types of microphones. This is important because the two biggest miskates that novices make when producing their first movies are:
    1. Creating shakey video: novices often use 'hand-holding' instead of a tripod to stabilize the camera
    2. Creating low quality audio: novices use the built-in camera mic instead of a handheld or lavalier mic, resulting in very low quality audi
  4. Here are the categories I will use to judge the quality of your video


  • Steady camera
  • Lighting
  • Compression
  • Glitches
  • Green screen haze



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