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Unit 1: Creating images in Photoshop


The following activities are intended to get you familiar with the Photoshop interface. They are not assignments and you do not need to post the results of these activities to your website.

Activity 1
The lynda.com site has several excellent videos on Photoshop. I suggest you view all of the videos in the title: Photoshop CS4 for the Web This activity may take 7 hours or more to complete but it will teach you a tremendous amount the basics of Ph0otoshop.

Activity 2
Read and complete the activities described in Photoshop CS4 basic introduction.

Activity 3
I found the following activity in a book about the Bauhaus, a German design school that produced many famous designers, artists and architects in the 1920s and 30s. The Bauhaus also had many famous teachers including Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky. Kandinsky used the exercise with his students to get them to explore color relationships. My goals are to give you an opportunity to explore the Photoshop interface and to experiment with the design of digital space. You should spend about 60 minutes on the activity.

Photoshop overview
In Photoshop:

  • Create a file 900x300 pixels
  • Use rulers to divide the file into 6 equal regions of 300 x 150 pixels
  • Create 300 x 150 color rectangles using the following colors: 3 primaries; 3 secondary colors; 3 non-colors (black; white; and gray). To create a filled rectangle, create a new layer, select a rectangular area, fill the area (Edit > Fill) with color.
  • To move a layer, choose the Move tool, select a layer in the Layers palette.
  • To place a layer closer to the top, drag the layer vertically in the Layer palette.
  • How do I hide a layer?
  • Demo file

Your tasks are as follows:

  • Note the values of each color in terms of Red, Green, and Blue on Photoshop's color table: How do you make a pure red; pure yellow; what do you notice about shades of gray?
  • Arrange the rectangles to emphasize the center of the screen
  • Arrange the rectangles to balance the top and bottom of the screen

You may arrange the colored rectangles in any order you wish, but they may only be placed horizontally or vertically (i.e. not at an angle).
Each color must be used at least once (you may create as many versions of each color as you wish)
Store your images as jpgs (File > Save for web and devices)-- later, you will post your images on you website

Activity 4
Use Adobe Bridge to organize your images (and other digital assets)

  • Download your images from your digital camera into Bridge
  • Rate the images (Label)
  • Open the filter panel (Window > Filter Panel):
  • Select your top 20-25 images
  • Delete the others