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  Course overview

Course overview

You will learn to use Flash to develop interactive multimedia. Learning Flash can be an overwhelming experience. In addition to learning the Flash interface developers must learn how to program in the ActionScript programming language. I recommend that you begin by viewing the videos in the following title:

Flash CS3 Professional Fundamentals (6.5 hours)

The video series is quite long, but the content is invaluable. It contains a large quantity of basic information that would be very dull to teach in class, yet is critical to knowing have to navigate in a fluid manner through the Flash interface

Videos are free to all Penn State students and can be accessed at: http://its.psu.edu/training/lynda/

One of the class activities involves building and programming a mini computer known as an Arduino. You will use the follwoing materials to complete this activity:




Assignments due

Week 1

Week 2 Slideshow project 1  
Week 3 Arduino Reaction Paper #1
Week 4 Arduino  
Week 5 Slideshow project 2 Assignment 1: Arduino project
Week 6 Importing data 1 Reaction Paper #2
Week 7 Importing data 2 Assignment 2: Slideshow project
Week 8 Timeline project Reaction Paper #3
Week 9 Media presentation tool 1 Reaction Paper #4
Week 10 Deconstructing code Assignment 3: Timeline project
Week 11 Building a video player Reaction Paper #5
Week 12 Working with databases  
Week 13 Individual project work Reaction Paper #6
Week 14 Individual project work Assignment 4: Media presentation project
Week 15 Project showcase  
Week 16 NO CLASS Final Project