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Programming Flex in AS3

In this course you will learn how to develop interactive software for the web using Adobe Flash Builder 4 (FB4). Please note that Flash Builder 4 is the new name for what used to be known as Flex. Sometimes I will refer to the software as Flash Builder, but at others I will call it Flex (due to force of habit!)

Before you start, I want to make sure that you have the prerequisites needed to work in the FB4 environment. You need to have some experience programming AS3 in Flash or you should be familiar with some other Object Oriented Programming (OOP) language to avoid considerable frustration..

Learning to program in an OOP language is a complex, often frustrating, but ultimately incredibly rewarding experience. It takes many years to learn to be an expert programmer, but becoming fluent in a programming language will help to make you a powerful designer. In this class, I hope to take you through a series of experiences that will begin your programming journey. Although we will be working with one programming language, the skills that you will learn will transfer to other OOP languages.

You will use Pligg to publish your reaction papers.Test out Pligg by sending a brief introductory post in which you provide the following information:

    • Where you work and what you do for employment.
    • What you hope to learn this semester in Design Studio.
    • Please respond to at least two other Pligg postings.



Flex Modules
Importing text from an xml file