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Design studio Level 3: Overview and goals

The goal of the Design Studio Level 3 is to provide you with an opportunity to find a real world educational problem, and design and develop a potential solution to that problem. You should work in a small team including from 2-4 members.

The project you design should be tied closely to a real world educational problem. The solution should have a theoretical foundation. Hence, your design document should include a section describing the theory behind the intende solution.

An important part of the Level 3 studio experience involves reflecting on both the design experinece and the final product that is developed. As researchers we need to think about and document the key decision points made during design. Consequently, we should attempt to document the following types of data:

  • Why did you design your project the way you did?
  • What is the relationship between the intended project/ learning outcomes and theoretical foundations, and the design decisions made in the project?
  • What were the key decisions that were made and why were they made?
  • What types of data do we need to gather during the design process to guide/ inform our design?

You may find it useful to view some videos of reaearchers discussing design-based research.