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Design studio Level 2: Overview and goals

The goal of the Design Studio Level 2 is to provide you with an opportunity to design, develop, and evaluate a complete multimedia project. Up to now, most of the projects you have developed have probably been relatively brief activities focusing on important programming tasks or learning how to use specific software applications. In this class you will find a project to work on, conduct an audience analysis, design and develop your software, and conduct a brief evaluation of the software with a small group from the target audience.

The choice of a project is entirely at your discretion Some people may choose educational projects, but others may not. Instead, some may choose projects that are highly personal in nature such as developing a family multimedia album or a project to support a local athletic club. There are very few limits that restrict what you may develop, however, your project should include each of the following:

  • Clearly identified functionality that you define
  • An easy to use, intuitive navigation system
  • Careful attention to aesthetic design details

An important part of the Level 2 studio experience involves learning how to plan you project. You will follow a series of activities outlined in the textbook. These activities will fill the first 3-4 weeks of the semester. The next several weeks will be spent in design, experimentation, and development. The final few weeks will be spent testing and evaluating the effectiveness of your projects.

Your textbook describes a process for re-designing websites. Do not be put off from the focus on re-design as opposed to plain 'design'. The processes are almost identical.

I assume that you know how to programs in Flash, Flex, or some other programming language. HTML knowledge is NOT sufficient to complete the class,.