Pierre Auger Observatory

Google Earth Tours and Movies

Tour of Auger

The "tour feature" of Google Earth can be used to quickly and easily view the salient features of the Observatory without the need to master the Google Earth navigation interface. To do this:

  • Download the list of placemarks to visit defined in the file Auger_tour.kmz . Save it to disk, not decompressing the archive. Load this into Google Earth. Thanks to Auger Collaborator Paul Sommers for putting together an interesting list of placemarks and view points on this tour.
  • Expand the "Auger tour" folder, and make sure that the folder "Turn this on for tour" is checked.
  • Click on the "Play tour" subfolder within the "Auger tour" folder in the "Places" window, then click "play" (the little "play" icon at the bottom of the "Places" window). This will automatically go through a sequence of placemarks on a visit of the Observatory without any need to further click on anything.
  • For best results, we recommend you set the following Google Earth touring options (under the "Tools" pull-down menu):
    • Fly-to-speed: 0.1000
    • Tour speed: 0.1000
    • Tour pause: 2.0 sec
  • With these settings, the tour takes about 3 minutes 20 seconds, suitable for a running narrative description as it plays.
  • Note that if running this tour from a computer that is not connected to the internet (e.g., from a laptop when giving a talk or presentation), it is possible to still get the best resolution images provided that a large enough Google Earth memory cache is available (settable under "Tools", "Options", "Cache"); a disk cache of 500MB or more should suffice. All that is needed is to run the tour while connected to the internet prior to the presentation, to fill the cache with the relevant high-resolution images. Note that when starting Google Earth on a computer that is not connected to the internet, one receives an error message with an offer to run a diagnostic test; simply click "no" and ignore.

Movies of Auger Exploration with Google Earth

Fairly high resolution (1280x720) movies of a Google Earth based exploration of Auger are now available. The files here are very large (~185 MB), so they are not for the faint of bandwidth. All clips are in Windows Media (.WMV) format.

Three additional movies are now available:

  • Exploration in Google Earth and Sky of one very high energy hybrid event correlated with 3 active galactic nuclei (about 73 MB): AugerEvt.wmv .

  • Exploration in Google Sky of the arrival directions of some of the highest-energy events in the direction of the Centaurus A active galactic nucleus (about 31 MB): Auger_GoogleSky.wmv .

  • A history using Google Earth of Auger tank deployment from 2002 to 2008 (about 21 MB): SDTankHistory.wmv .

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